Counselling in North & West Wiltshire, Bath, Bradford on Avon and North Somerset

Can I help?

Perhaps you are here surfing the internet because something is troubling you and are unable to work things out on your own. You may be experiencing severe emotional and physical pain or just trying to get through each day as it comes.

Maybe you simply feel 'stuck' and long to feel alive again. Perhaps you may wish to enhance personal relationships in order to live a richer and more fulfilled life.

Whatever it is, part of you may be looking to find someone who is able to listen and support you, who is able to draw on a wealth of accredited training, knowledge and life experiences which can help you to explore, change and grow in a safe and confidential environment that is neither critical or judgemental. I'm able to provide that safe place where you will not only be listened to and shown empathy, but acknowledge you as a unique human being with all the inherited weaknesses and strengths that makes you so special.

How can I help?

The key areas or issues I work in include:

  • Marital & Relationship Problems
  • Childhood Abuse; including Mental, Emotional & Sexual Traumas
  • Fostering and Adoption work
  • Bereavement & Loss
  • Emotional, Mental & Physical ill health, e.g. Depression & Panic Attacks
  • Counselling in the Workplace, see Support for Enterprises Management & Staff (EAP Article)
  • Anger & Stress Management

What Counselling Strategies do I use?

In essence the counselling strategies used are related to your needs and include:

  • Psychodynamic (Often longer term, in depth, impact of early influences)
  • Solution Focused & Egan (Usually the here and now, time limited and targeted)
  • Humanistic & Person Centered
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Changing Patterns of Behaviour)
  • Transactional Analysis (Exploring the Parent, Child & Adult Dynamics)

Can we learn from the past?

Over 3,000 years ago on the ancient Temple walls of Luxor in Egypt the following was written:

"The key to all problems is the problem of consciousness."

It could be adapted to read "The key to growing awareness is increased consciousness". However there is a cost to increased consciousness and growing awareness, not only in terms of money but more importantly time, commitment, energy and soulfulness. As an anonymous sage once put it, "if you think awareness is expensive try ignorance".